Website Reviews

July 28, 2021 by JGarcia (PA, united states)

“Fast shipping; beautiful packaging; great, long lasting products...A+”

July 28, 2021 by Barbara J. (united states)

“It was a good experience. Easy to maneuver around”

July 28, 2021 by Debra R. (united states)

“Love all of the products and fabulous selection of colors!”

July 28, 2021 by Mary E. (united states)

“If it looks like gel polish, I will like it.”

7/21/2021 by Luz Burgos (united states)

"shipping is fast, love all the colors"

7/21/2021 by Mitsue Abrahamson (PA, united states)

"Love so far. Can’t wait to try!"

7/21/2021 by Nourparvar Nourparvar (united states)


7/21/2021 by Vicki Howard (united states)

"Love your great products!! Just finished a two week stint using the probiotic nail conditioner and the Get Well nail recovery and my nails look amazing. I have now added the Illuminating Nail Concealer and my nails look amazing! Came back and purchased a nail lacquer, lacquer remover and nail and hand cream. Can’t wait to get them!"

7/20/2021 by Arby (united states)

"Easy ordering."

7/20/2021 by Caroline051 (AZ,united states)

"AAA+++ I enjoyed my first shopping experience with Londontown. I forget how I found them but I think it must have been a Youtube beauty video. I watch a lot of those and get ideas for beauty products"

7/20/2021 by Leila Rowan (united states)

"Very helpful"

7/20/2021 by Cinawendela Livingston (NC, united states)

"I had received a double of one color instead of the color I'd ordered. After contacting customer service, they immediately sent out the correct color without hassle. Ordering is easy and I love the option for discounts."

7/20/2021 by Stephanie Calk (united states)

"so far, so good"

7/20/2021 by Barbara Hester (united states)

"Nice and easy"

7/20/2021 by Dianne Mall (united states)

"Love their products."

7/20/2021 by Dorothy Metaj (united states)

"Outstanding as usual."

7/20/2021 by Elisha Lenders (united states)

"easy and quick"

July 28, 2021 by Fran Langner (united states)

"Love the nail care products for my soft, crumbly nails. Polish remover is excellent!"

7/20/2021 by Ivee Bruce (united states)

"Website is easy to navigate"

7/20/2021 by Kathy Palombini (united states)

"Quick and easy to use"

7/20/2021 by Theda Zitlow ( united states)

"I love Londontown products. They always last the longest on my nails. Quality."

7/20/2021 by Marsha Scharr (united states)


7/19/2021 by Laurie Glassel (AZ,united states)

"Great shopping experience!"

7/19/2021 by Deborah Kram (united states)

"I liked the reviews to make decisions. Can’t wait to try the products."

7/19/2021 by Donna Almanza (united states)

"Can't wait fir it"

7/19/2021 by Elaine Flanagan (united states)

"Easy to maneuver web site"

7/19/2021 by Judy Maness (united states)

"Fast and easy!!"

7/19/2021 by Kathleen M Graham (united states)


7/19/2021 by Melissa Stehr (united states)


7/19/2021 by Taryn Ouellette (united states)

"Love the products and the deals"

7/19/2021 by Terra Patton (united states)

"Easy to maneuver site and excited to use for the first time."

7/18/2021 by Diane Schiller (MN,united states)

"Quick, easy site to navigate"

7/18/2021 by Kathy Wahl (united states)

"I liked the way polishes were presented by models with different skin tones."

7/18/2021 by Andrea Martinez (PA,united states)

"The product packaging is very upscale. Great presentation. I bought another set hoping to use for my wedding"

July 28, 2021 by Ellen Sanders (united states)

"Love the concealer"

7/18/2021 by Eva Figueroa (united states)

"Very quick process!"

7/18/2021 by Roseann Marsett (united states)

"Very easy to find what I want and then to purchase online. Great choices and quality."

7/18/2021 by Susan Waskey (united states)

"I love all the color choices, can’t wait till my order gets to me!!"

7/17/2021 by Sara Mo (united states)

"Great products "

7/17/2021 by Anne Tasker (united states)


7/17/2021 by Antonia Vallario (united states)

"Went smoothly, thanks."

7/17/2021 by Bonita Griffin (united states)

"I was not able to get the New Customer 20% discount on all the items in my order."

7/17/2021 by Carol Sue Durr (united states)

"found what I wanted quickly."

7/17/2021 by Ellen De Domenico (united states)

"Im retired on a fixed income soI usually have to order only one item at a time. Shipping charge is too high."

7/17/2021 by Janice Strong (united states)

"Seamless and fun"

7/17/202 by Linda Donner (united states)

"Love these products! They have all the info you need to guide you to a product that will help you make a decision!"

7/17/2021 by Tammie Rowe (united states)


7/16/2021 by Jenn (united states)


7/16/2021 by JoAnna Lopez (united states)

"First purchase. I'm very happy with my products "

7/16/2021 by Janice Caulder (NC, united states)

"No comment."

7/16/2021 by Debbie ( united states)

"Easy to find a color I liked and the supporting polishes!"

7/16/2021 by Deborah Guerin (united states)

"I tried over and over to put my correct billing address but it is still showing my shipping address and billing address as the same- which it is not."

7/16/2021 by Margaret Howard (united states)


7/16/2021 by Patricia & Goldstein (united states)

"I had no problem finding what I wanted. I have used these products before and love them!"

7/16/2021 by Paula Pellegrino (united states)

"Love your nail products!"

7/16/2021 by Tara Doyle (united states)


7/15/2021 by Alicia Kennedy (SC, united states)

"Easy order process, quick arrival."

7/15/2021 by Patty Birge (AZ,united states)

"Easy peasy."

7/15/2021 by Dawn M Weise (TX,united states)

"I was missing an item from my order. I emailed them and they promptly sent my item with a bottle of nourishing cuticle oil. That was a nice little surprise in my package. I thought it was very nice of them to send it."

7/15/2021 by Bridget Fitzpatrick (united states)

"Good products!"

7/15/2021 by Cathy Jensen (united states)


7/15/2021 by Deborah Lee Williams (united states)

"The website was easy to use"

7/15/2021 by Erin Saunders (united states)


7/15/2021 by Evelyn Mason (united states)

"All info on this site is easily accessible and the checkout process seamless."

7/15/2021 by Jacqueline Schallert (united states)

"The experience shopping was amazing!
I found what I wanted, tapped, & paid; it was quick and easy! Delivery is soon! WOW!"

7/15/2021 by Kate Backus (united states)


7/15/2021 by Kathleen Batson (united states)

"Very quick and easy!"

7/15/2021 by Natalie Lundberg (united states)

"It was quite easy to navigate and purchase."

7/14/2021 by Lucia Sillery (CT,united states)

"Fast delivery"

7/14/2021 by DameJudith (WA,united states)

"Looking forward to trying this polish."

7/14/2021 by Amy Loomis (united states)

"Shopping was fast and easy!"

7/14/2021 by Ellen Joyce (united states)

"Very good"

7/14/2021 by Jonni Vandenburg (united states)

"Very easy to follow!!"

7/14/2021 by Lauren Montgomery (united states)

"I’m absolutely in love with this brand. So many beautiful colors and shades, I want them all!"

7/14/2021 by Mardell Monreal (united states)

"Easy to use. Love that you can see how the polish looks on nails."

7/14/2021 by Samantha Quant (united states)

"your navigation bar at the top of the page pops down confusingly at times."

7/14/2021 by wendy daniels (united states)

"Always fastest shipping and great polish."

7/13/2021 by Vanessa (united states)

"Great! Orders always come even faster than I expect! I love the nail polish. It's gorgeous and stays on."

7/13/2021 by Maegan Aherne (TX,united states)

"Always high quality and blows away my expectations every time. Never been disappointed with any orders!!! Nail brushes are superb for a precise p as imaging job and polish finish lasts and looks beautiful for a long time. And I'm loving the new foot scrub and lotion! Can't live without now! "

7/13/2021 by Ginger Young (united states)

"Quick. Easy."

7/13/2021 by Penni Bouse (united states)

"It’s the easiest and quickest order I have done and they take great care of you! Your products come so
Quick too!!"

7/13/2021 by Sandra Mirkil (united states)

"Lots of choices."

7/12/2021 by Juliet (CA, united states)

"I love Londontown products so much I've given them as gifts. I have had only great experience with the products and service."

7/12/2021 by Gail Bonow (IL, united states)

"Updates and very prompt shipping."

7/12/2021 by Jaquita Nesbit ( united states)

"I loved all my products"

7/12/2021 by Joyce Fisher (united states)

"So far, my experience was good."

7/12/2021 by Carole Funderburk (united states)


7/12/2021 by Chasity Wise (united states)

Before entering my "discount code" it was showing free shipping. Once I applied the code I was charged $6.95 shipping. So not really a discount.

7/12/2021 by Evangelina Cervantes (united states)

"Fast and easy shopping"

7/12/2021 by Judi Olinder (united states)

"got a discount code for signing up, but it didn't work at checkout. was going to buy 3 polishes, but since code didn't work, I just bought one"

7/12/2021 by Linda-Ann Rose (united states)

"I’m over the moon to have found Londontown!"

7/12/2021 by Lisa Burns (PA, united states)

"Great company"

7/12/2021 by Pauline Gardiner (united states)


7/12/2021 by Zelinda Thames (united states)

"Love your product so wanted to try Pedikur"

7/11/2021 by Theresa Brown (FT,united states)

"Excellent products, fantastic promotions!"

7/11/2021 by Nancy Ritchie (united states)

"You make shopping too easy. Love your products."

7/11/2021 by Hilaree Hawkins Farha (united states)

"Easy, fast checkout "

7/11/2021 by Brandee Stepanek (united states)

"Very good"

7/11/2021 by Camille Workman (united states)

"Appreciate that your website is not loaded with pop ups!"

7/11/2021 by Carla Day (united states)

"It was easy"

7/11/2021 by christine hilgenberg (united states)

"Easy paypal check out free shipping"

7/11/2021 by Doris Rondeau (united states)

"So far so good"

7/11/2021 by Gail Marie Lavigne (united states)

"Quick and easy to order!"

7/11/2021 by Gail Marie Lavigne (united states)

"Quick and easy to order!"

7/11/2021 by Heather McCarthy (united states)

'Very good site easy to navigate."

7/11/2021 by Janice Cmeyla (united states)


7/11/2021 by Lynne Grasso (united states)

"So far, it’s been easy. I love the polish. I appreciate the ingredients being I have allergies to ingredients in other brands of polish. I’m very satisfied with your products."

7/11/2021 by Ruth Ann Abdullah (united states)

"Nice experience"

7/10/2021 by Maria Copetas (united states)

"Good experience would buy from again"

7/10/2021 by Maria Copetas (united states)

"Good experience would buy from again"

7/10/2021 by SUSAN GRANT (TX, united states)


7/10/2021 by Tara Guthrie (united states)

"My order is always quickly processed and to me quickly! "

7/10/2021 by Debra Stanavech (united states)

"Great colors and wearability."

7/10/2021 by DONNA OBRIEN (united states)

"Love all products I have purchased"

7/10/2021 by Mary jo Hartmann (united states)

"It’s been great!!! Very simple checkout!!"

7/10/2021 by Tammie Steiner (united states)

"Fast and easy!"

7/9/2021 by Elizabeth Jones (CA,united states)

"I was apprehensive based on price but pulled the trigger because I spend 3 times as much already in the salon"

7/9/2021 by Shannon O (NJ, united states)

"Too pricey but good quality. Happy with my purchase"

7/9/2021 by Kathy Smith (united states)

"I was offered a 20% discount as a first time buyer, however it was not applied."

7/9/2021 by Beth Allen (united states)

"Complete information about products and easy to order."

7/9/2021 by Catherine Creasy (united states)

"Very easy to order! Looking forward to getting the product!"

7/9/2021 by Donna Ellington (united states)

"Love the products"

7/9/2021 by Patricia Young (united states)

"Can't wait to see this color!"

7/9/2021 by Sandra Taylor (united states)

"You say free shipping with an extra $5.00 purchase you have only one product it is $6.00"

7/9/2021 by Sherry Orsini (united states)


7/8/2021 by Tiffany Phares (MO,united states)

"Everything in the transaction went smoothly! LondonTownUSA came highly recommended to me and I agree that they are amazing."

7/8/2021 by F C (AZ, united states)

"The shopping experience was great. Products I wanted were in stock and on sale."

7/8/2021 by Kat (DE, united states)

"Resolved my issue. "

7/8/2021 by Eva Heidrich (IL, united states)

"Products arrived on time, was able to track them via link provided. Very pleased with this company!"

7/8/2021 by mai nguyen (united states)

"Excellent "

7/8/2021 by Donna Hardy (united states)


7/8/2021 by Glenda Johnstone (united states)

"I can’t get a discount code on one product"

7/7/2021 by Shannon Mahoney (united states)


7/8/2021 by Lea Beavers (united states)

"Website is easy to use and explains the product very well"

7/8/2021 by Pat Towndrow (united states)

"So far so good!"

7/7/2021 by Stacey Klamm (TX, united states)

"It's easy to shop on this site.
I love this polish! It lasts and is so good for my nails. They have never looked better!"

7/7/2021 by elinda Thames (WI, united states)

"I was very excited to have some quality nail polish but it chipped within 2 days and I didn't do anything rough w my hands. Pretty pricey in my opinion for chipping so soon. But the color options y'all have are beautiful! "

7/7/2021 by Stephanie (CO, united states)

"no issues"

7/7/2021 by Beth Smith (united states)

"Your insignia to find my shopping cart was very small and made me feel I wasn't able to find it in the tiny icons at the top. How about having more colored nail polish bottles showing on one line than just 5 at a time. I am trying to compare colors for choice. I had a struggle to find where you placed the nail polish remover. Highlight those support items in an easier to find place!"

7/7/2021 by Cristi Wendler (united states)

"Easy to navigate site!"

7/7/2021 by MD (united states)

"Was seamless"

7/7/2021 by Penni Bouse (united states)

"Absolutely amazing products and fast service and delivery on products"

7/7/2021 by Tina Smith (united states)

"Everything was great! Except I could nit get my PayPal to work! "

7/6/2021 by Beth T Browne (united states)

"Quick and easy"

7/6/2021 by Beverly English (united states)

'Website easy to use"

7/6/2021 by Donna Hernandez (united states)

"Love Klarna . Thanks!"

7/6/2021 by Jana Core (united states)

"The shopping was easy"

7/6/2021 by Linda Lemieux (united states)

"Site easy to navigate."

7/6/2021 by Lisa Kassler (united states)

"All good"

7/6/2021 by Mrs Andrea Knauss (united states)

"The colors are so great and long lasting."

7/6/2021 by Nancy Abraham (united states)

"It was not very easy to sign up as a new customer. There were several errors in the process. Very frustrating."

7/6/2021 by Ramona Vadapalli (united states)

"Quickly done"

7/6/2021 by Sandra Bennetch (united states)


7/6/2021 by Sherry Thompson (united states)

'Smooth and easy!"

7/6/2021 by Susan Samuelson (united states)

"Quick and easy!"

7/5/2021 by MARIA WATSON (NY, united states)

"Always a great shopping experience. Quick shipping. "

7/5/2021 by Diane Brzowski (united states)

"Thought I was supposed to get a discount on first order!"

7/5/2021 by Jenn (PA, united states)

"Great customer service and quick delivery! "

7/5/2021 by Candice Pearson (TX, united states)

"Great service - always timely and packed very well. "

7/5/2021 by Lisa Hansen (TX, united states)


7/5/2021 by Barbara Hurton (united states)

"If I open the page other page is popped up and I couldn’t get rid of them and go back to my initial page. My only complaint. I saw an endorsement from Jennifer Scott Daily connoisseur. Thought I would try for myself and two of my daughters!"

7/5/2021 by Delanah Gebhart (united states)


7/5/2021 by Gaye Cooper (united states)


7/5/2021 by Heidi Reynolds (united states)

"Quick & Easy!"

7/5/2021 by Jeannie Aspinall (united states)


7/5/2021 by Joyce Sanchez (united states)

"Love your product."

7/5/2021 by Mandy Beenen (united states)

"Pretty colors!"

7/5/2021 by Mary Catalano (united states)

"So quick and easy to order. This was truly a shopping delight!"

7/5/2021 by Nancy Hartlage (united states)

'I was supposed to get 25% off using Jennifer S , didn’t happen!"

7/5/2021 by Nanette Romanello (united states)

"Excellent service and quick delivery!! The products are amazing!!'

7/5/2021 by Phyllis Baskin (united states)

"Very efficient"

7/5/2021 by Sheri New (united states)

"Quick and easy"

7/4/2021 by "mary sandness" (MN, united states)

"fast, accurate shipping and a really great product. have irdered 3 times already."

7/4/2021 by Heather Blome (united states)

'Website is very easy to use and checkout is simple."

7/4/2021 by Amy Snow (IA, united states)

"Easy purchase... Love the product!"

7/4/2021 by pam c. (NM, united states)

"Easy ordering"

7/4/2021 by Deborah Peck (united states)

"Quick and easy website"

7/4/2021 by Giovanna Boyer (united states)


7/4/2021by Jo Ann Collins (united states)

"Looking forward to my first purchase!"

7/4/2021 by Kari Kahn (united states)


7/4/2021 by Linda Blair (united states)

Site is easy to navigate and also reviews are helpful.

7/4/2021 by Maria Carlton (united states)

Easy check out.

7/4/2021 by Patricia Anderson (united states)

So quick and easy!

7/3/2021 by Wanetta Davis (united states)

No problems with all of my orders.

7/3/2021 by Janet Chave (TX, united states)

"Easy to use and it works. My favorite is Illuminating Nail Concealer. It colors my nails in a clear sweet pink."

7/3/2021 by Wendy Schilling (PA, united states)

Easy ordering process, nice nail colors to choose from.

7/3/2021 by Cindy Rodriguez (united states)

Easy web use

7/3/2021 by Denise Migliorisi (united states)

Great website!

7/3/2021 by Dorothy Metaj (united states)

Excellent experience.

7/3/2021 by Karen Towers (united states)

"Can I use nail recovery even if I dint have acrylics"

7/3/2021 by Kathleen Martinez (united states)

Great products!! Great prices!!!

7/3/2021 by Lisa Raymond (united states)

Wonderful selection. Great website

7/3/2021 by Loretta Bent (united states)

Quick and easy

7/3/2021 by Lynn Blinsky (united states)


7/3/2021 by Margaret Rettig (united states)

Easy to navigate

7/3/2021 by Maria Elena Amendolia (united states)

Easy to shop site

7/3/2021 by Nikki Stuteville (united states)

Easy, quick and love the instant link to the SHOP app.

7/3/2021 by Penelope Cromwell (united states)

Ordering was really easy and great colors and products to choose from.

7/3/2021 by Shabana Hossain (united states)


7/3/2021 by Sharon Korfmacher (united states)

Easy and quick

7/3/2021 by Suann Luther-Ford (united states)

I love love love Smudge Fix! You know why? It fixes smudges—and I have the smudges!

7/2/2021 by JoAnn (FL,united states)


7/2/2021 by Marilyn Johnson (CA, united states)

Should make sure pics accurately show true color of product.

7/2/2021 by Karen Towers (united states)

Still waiting for a solutio

7/2/2021 by E (united states)


7/2/2021 by Barbara Brown (united states)

I didn't get the 20% discount for my 1st order.

7/2/2021 by Beverly Hardy (united states)

Everything went easily. I’ve ordered from Londontown before happy with my orders.

7/2/2021 by Carrie Lea Sauls (united states)


7/2/2021 by Chrystal Zuech (united states)

Website is easy to navigate. Excited for my shipment.

7/2/2021 by Cindy Robbins (united states)


7/2/2021 by Gloria Peterson (united states)

Needs a "Return to Shopping" button when you look at your cart. If there is one, I didn't see it. I figured it out but it took longer than I liked.

7/1/2021 by Estrella Quevedo (united states)


7/1/2021 by Jean M Gasper (united states)


7/1/2021 by Jennifer Beckstedt (united states)

The ordering process was quick and easy!

7/1/2021 by Jody Heffernan (united states)

It was a little difficult to go around on the site.

7/1/2021 by Kimberly Smith (united states)


7/1/2021 by Mary Alston (united states)

quick and easy

7/1/2021 by Shariann Lewitt (united states)

Fast and easy

7/1/2021 by Vicky Armendariz (united states)

It’s was easy and convenient

6/30/2021 by Shelly Denton (AZ, united states)

I'm disappointed because, I wish I would have ordered the illuminating nail concealer, I thought they would let me exchange.
Customer service should have been most important.

6/30/2021 by Bobbi Conde (united states)

Very easy to use site.

6/30/2021 by Carole Davis (united states)

Good service

6/30/2021 by Dana Anderson (united states)

A little too many steps.

6/30/2021 by Donna Ellington (united states)


6/30/2021 by Jade Henry (united states)

Quick and easy

6/30/2021 by Katherine Barstow (PA, united states)

Very easy to order from your site

6/30/2021 by Linda Weber (united states)

Radu website

6/30/2021 by Nikki McDowell (united states)

Can't log in

6/30/2021 by Pamela Deuel (united states)

Efficient and easy

6/30/2021 by patrice evancho (united states)

simple and easy

6/29/2021 by Patricia P. Jaworoski (united states)

Love the products.

6/29/2021 by Amy Teister (united states)

Shipped super fast

6/29/2021 by Anne Grant (united states)

Easy to navigate and thankyou for the sale

6/29/2021 by Barbara Johnsen (united states)

Easy to navigate through all products. Colors are well described.

6/29/2021 by Heather T (united states)

Quick and easy to shop

6/28/2021 by Birdie Porter (united states)

quick and easy

6/28/2021 by Ceila Gonzalez (united states)

It was Easy to choose products the way it was organized.

6/28/2021 by ilsa porter (united states)

“Fast shipping; beautiful packaging; great,

6/28/2021 by Kelly (united states)

Easy to navigate web site but checking out had some problems.

6/28/2021 by Kim Buffaloe (united states)

So far so good!

6/28/2021 by Lisandra Zaleta (united states)

Easy to shop.

6/28/2021 by Melody June Campos (united states)


6/28/2021 by Patricia Felix (united states)

I received the discount quicky and am looking forward to getting this product.

6/28/2021 by Sagit Ben Nun (united states)

Very easy

6/28/2021 by Sally Haas (united states)

Fast and easy

6/28/2021 by Sara Meredith (united states)

So quick and easy

6/28/2021 by Susan mclaren (united states)

Great June sale and free shipping

6/27/2021 by Roseanne Elson (united states)

great products, love the periodic discounts. This brand has become a new favorite

6/24/2021 by Bernadette Nowlan (united states)

It's been good love the nail lakur

6/24/2021 by CHARLENE CORTEZ (united states)


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