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July 28, 2021 by peter (PA, united states)


July 28, 2021 by ilsa (PA, united states)

really good

4/12/2021 by Dawn Beeghly ( united states)

Loving these products and buying more today!!!

4/12/2021 by Pamela Crone ( united states)

Love the ease of ordering

4/12/2021 by Taryn bouwer ( united states)


4/12/2021 by Annet Dittmer ( united states)

instructions are clear. Very easy and quick to order.

4/12/2021 by Esther Bluett ( united states)


4/12/2021 by Helen Carellas ( united states)


4/12/2021 by Jodie Vercauteren ( united states)

Fast and easy! Love your products too!

4/12/2021 by MaryLou Gallis ( united states)

Fast and easy

4/12/2021 by nancy coviello ( united states)

Quick delivery

4/12/2021 by Nina House ( united states)

Easy order and shipping. Looking forward to receiving the nail polish.

4/11/2021 by Dee Heimer ( united states)

Love the things I ordered.

4/11/2021 by Lisa Belleno ( united states)

Londontown is great! Love the products, always have discounts and rewards to help keep the costs down, and the shipping is fast!

4/11/2021 by JB ( united states)

Almafi polished never dried and the brush was thin unlike the top coat.

4/11/2021 by Tracy Moskal ( united states)

Easy peasy. Love the photos of the hands with the polish on different skin tones. Checkout was a breeze.

4/11/2021 by Joie Belajonas ( united states)

easy to navigate. Shipping charges are a little high for such small items

4/11/2021 by Juliette C Sears ( united states)

Nice and easy

4/11/2021 by Linda Laws ( united states)

Fabulous and easy

4/10/2021 by lisa relyea ( united states)

Last long

4/10/2021 by LaDonna Landers ( united states)

Did not get my discount of Lucky30. Please apply

4/10/2021 by Maria Pego pita ( united states)

Thank you!
Excellent shopping experience!

4/10/2021 by Jen Bass ( united states)

I love Londontown! Their website is easy to navigate their products are reasonably priced. The polish lasts a long time without chipping or peeling. I keep coming back for more!

4/10/2021 by Earlene Brandyberry ( united states)

Easy and quick.

4/10/2021 by Claudia Sirmon ( united states)

Great service

4/10/2021 by Lori Von Seggern ( united states)

Love your nail products

4/10/2021 by Lynne Legge ( united states)

Easy to navigate.

4/10/2021 by Sheila Vierling ( united states)

Easy and quick

4/9/2021 by Dee ( united states)

Your sire was very easy to use, selection is great and I received it in a timely manner.

4/9/2021 by Amy Hokanson ( united states)

quick and easy

4/4/2021 by Debra Galarneau ( united states)

Promo codes do not work

4/4/2021 by sarah wiseley ( united states)

Beautiful shades and they have amazing staying power!

4/3/2021 by Kelly Wilmot ( united states)

Love the color !

4/3/2021 by Margaret Martin (ME, united states)

Very simple!

4/3/2021 by Ruth E Holtz ( united states)

Very quick and easy

4/3/2021 by Amy Dant ( united states)

Easy ordering process

4/2/2021 by Susan Skoczypiec (NJ, united states)

Love all your products.

4/2/2021 by Janice Cmeyla ( united states)

BEAUTTIFUL polish colors!!!!

4/1/2021 by Ilene Miller ( united states)


4/1/2021 by Barbara Dietzman ( united states)

All good

4/1/2021 by Wendy Casbon ( united states)

It was great. Beautiful packaging too

4/1/2021 by Jennie McQuillan (MN, united states)

During Covid, these products were a godsend at keeping my nails looking great and well-manicured! I continue to use them between salon visits which are farther apart these days.

4/1/2021 by Sheri Dvorak ( united states)

Easy experience to buy great products.Easy experience to buy great products.

4/1/2021 by Betty Flynn ( united states)

Easy purchase with quick delivery. I believe I purchased the produce and received it within the week.

4/1/2021 by Cynthia Kellert ( united states)

great customer service

4/1/2021 by Karen Divine ( united states)


4/1/2021 by Karen Divine ( united states)


4/1/2021 by Sonya Whaley ( united states)

Only found this product online. Wish it were available in stores.

3/31/2021 by Blanca Langley ( united states)

need fresh top coat - easy to order

3/31/2021 by Susan Farnsworth ( united states)

I have not found anything that I have gotten from Londontown to not meet my expectations. I love the top coats and have 2 or 3 of them. I wish you would make more of them.

3/31/2021 by Susan ( united states)

Wanted to try something to fix my very dry cuticle problems. No matter what I used in the past I had success with my nails but not my cuticles. So far, so good.

3/31/2021 by Page McBay ( united states)

Love this product, but it's expensive.

3/31/2021 by Gintare Schultz ( united states)

3/31/2021 by Daria Drury ( united states)

The Spring20 code did not work.

3/31/2021 by Debra King ( united states)

I did find navigating the menu to shop a bit difficult.

3/31/2021 by Lana Thomas ( united states)


3/30/2021 by Chello Pitts ( united states)

Can’t wait to try this for my parched fingers and dry cuticles

3/30/2021 by Emily (AZ, united states)

Great experience. Easy to find what I was looking for.

3/30/2021 by Mary Flaminio ( united states)

Great in every way!

3/30/2021 by Barbara Zeile ( united states)

Easy to order.

3/30/2021 by D Conde ( united states)


3/30/2021 by Melanie Callahan ( united states)

Love Londontown!

3/30/2021 by Alisa German ( united states)

Can’t wait to try this polish

3/30/2021 by Amanda Brown ( united states)

I loved how I was able to put things on my wishlist. I love how they have the colors demonstrated on real hands. I am HAPPY that the ingredients seem to be safer. I LOVE that I had a discount code. I appreciate so much the option for PayPal Pay in 4, even though I did not use it this time. I am looking forward to trying your brand!

3/30/2021 by Bonnie Sarno ( united states)

so far, so good

3/30/2021 by Glenda Martin ( united states)

It was great, but to chose a color

3/30/2021 by Helen Fletcher ( united states)


3/29/2021 by Courtney Grigoras ( united states)

Good experience

3/29/2021 by Dawn Beeghly ( united states)

Easy to navigate site and can't wait to try all my new products to get my nails ready for spring!!!

3/29/2021 by Jackye M ( united states)

Very happy with my shopping experience

3/29/2021 by S.D. Miles ( united states)

I would make a purchase from this company again.

3/29/2021 by Cari Gibbs ( united states)

Great polish, stays on great

3/29/2021 by Debra Love ( united states)

Great website

3/29/2021 by Diane Barber ( united states)

User-friendly site, lots of photos to help choose colors, impressive selection of nail care products.

3/29/2021 by Maryann Escudero ( united states)

It is quick and efficient

3/28/2021 by SarahJane Essebaggers ( united states)

I am satisfied

3/28/2021 by Lauren Rovelo ( united states)

Excellent will be looking for my order to arrive promptly

3/27/2021 by Alieh Karimi ( united states)


3/27/2021 by Nku Fletcher ( united states)

Just okay

3/27/2021 by Alice Hinojosa ( united states)

Super easy

3/27/2021 by janet moore ( united states)

your website is so easy, thank you

3/27/2021 by January Zeh ( united states)

So far, so good!

3/27/2021 by LaDonna Landers ( united states)


3/27/2021 by Margaret Leuchtma ( united states)

Can’t wait. I love this shade perfect for spring and summer

3/27/2021 by Susan Lankford ( united states)

Absolutely loved my first order and now I'm back for more!

3/26/2021 by Gail Wood ( united states)

Excellent service and product

3/26/2021 by Debra mcCarthy ( united states)

Good fast delivery wish they were still sold in ulta

3/26/2021 by Julie Treece ( united states)


3/26/2021 by Mary Talerico ( united states)


3/25/2021 by Kim (MV, united states)

Very fast delivery. Easy ordering process.

3/25/2021 by Cheryl Temples ( united states)

Easy navigation of website. I have terrible nails and excited to try these product

3/25/2021 by Candice Sanchez ( united states)

It was easy & loved the pics of the colors on different tones.

3/25/2021 by Helen Dubow ( united states)

Easy site to navigate

3/25/2021 by Janina Agintiene ( united states)

Everything was great.

3/25/2021 by Shirley Myers ( united states)

I was trying to apply a 30% off code ( PRIVY30 ) to my order #S46297 but when I went to apply it the screen changed to go ahead with the order WITHOUT the discount. I am bummed by this occurrence and would like it to be corrected. Thank you.

3/24/2021 by Tracy M. ( united states)

Great! Prompt shopping, great products.

3/24/2021 by Margaret Whitsett ( united states)

It's great to shop online with this product!! Very easy and fast

3/24/2021 by Susanne Stilwell ( united states)

3/24/2021 by Kate ( united states)

I think it's a quality nail polish. Would like nto try Gel genius

3/24/2021 by winter grimm (OH, united states)

love it girl

3/24/2021 by Mary (TN, united states)

Love the choices - will be back

3/24/2021 by Jessica Oneale ( united states)

Excellent customer service!

by Debbie Zunt ( united states)

Your website is very easy to follow and review items, I love that you can see the actual color on the models hands! Delivery of the items I purchased was very fast and I LOVE your products!

3/24/2021 by Holly Keenan ( united states)


3/24/2021 by Nadia Khan ( united states)

I liked how there were pictures of the nail polish on people. Especially when it was on people with different skin colors so i could get a good idea of how the color would look like

3/22/2021 by Terrie Nierenberger ( united states)

The best nail polish I ever tried. Online site easy to use.

3/21/2021 by Diane Plotek (QC united states)

Great company, love the products

3/21/2021 by Summer Kirchner ( united states)

The shopping experience was great and there are great discounts available for new customers!

3/21/2021 by Jeri Plunkett ( united states)

Gorgeous nail polish shades. I hate to have to choose from their selection in a nail salon. Always such a limited choice. This was I can bring my own favorite colors.

3/21/2021 by Jessica Perkins (OK united states)

Great product!

3/21/2021 by Amy (NJ. united states)

I didn't have any issues. The package was wrapped great and the polish arrived safely. The online deal was exactly what I needed to take a chance on this polish. I'm so glad I did and I will continue to purchase this brand!

3/21/2021 by christine harbinson ( united states)

Love the convenience and using Amazon for payment

3/21/2021 by Diane Solis ( united states)


3/21/2021 by January Zeh ( united states)

The shipping cost is outrageous. Priority mail is a fraction of the cost

3/21/2021 by Kimberly J Poleshuk ( united states)

I friggin love this polish.

3/20/2021 by Dorothy Metaj ( united states)

Website is user friendly and intuitiv

3/20/2021 by Alba MATHEWSON ( united states)

Great products!

3/20/2021 by Carolyn A. McClain ( united states)

easy checkout process

3/20/2021 by Marcia Hammond ( united states)


3/20/2021 by Sara Abrams ( united states)


3/19/2021 by Laurel W. (CA, united states)

My overall shopping experience was quite pleasant. I was able to find the colors I wanted and maneuver through site with ease.

3/19/2021 by marie a paintino ( united states)

Quick easy and great product !

3/19/2021 by Bocara (AL, united states)

Nice packaging and quick delivery. Will see if the polish is worth the price

3/19/2021 by Victoria Aguas (FL, united states)

Quick and easy :)

3/19/2021 by Doreen Leitner ( united states)


3/19/2021 by Janet Cohen ( united states)

It was difficult to choose colors....and could not sometimes get back to wher I left off

3/19/2021 by Jennifer Christianson ( united states)

Great service and quality!

3/19/2021 by Karen Shattles ( united states)

Love shopping Londontown!!

3/19/2021 by Milagros Cruz ( united states)

I ordered items last week. Items were returned to sender. I tried reaching out to Londontown for refund of said items, with no avail.

3/19/2021 by Sarah Skoniecki ( united states)

Fast and easy great selection

3/19/2021 by Sydnie Thomas ( united states)

thank you

3/18/2021 by Annette (PA, united states)

So pleased with everything I have purchased so far. The polish goes on smooth--no streaks/line. The ridge filler is a great product for me and my nails. Everything is top-notch.

3/18/2021 by Jewels Wolf (AZ, united states)

So far, so good!

3/18/2021 by Christel Thomas ( united states)

I expected to receive another bottle of polish, not some BS about shimming my polish. Also, I was asked to send a picture of the damaged lid, well this is not going to happen, because I am not able to do this.
I have placed many orders in the past and had never a complaint, so you can see, I am not a complainer and want to take advantage of you. However, other companies I have dealt with, have always believed me and have stood by their products without questions and have worked to resolve any issues that occurred.

3/18/2021 by Margaret Anne Whitsett ( united states)

So easy to shop this site!! Love it!!

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